A note from the 2017 Festival Coordinator:  

Welcome to the homepage of the Louisiana Flute Society.  This year's flute festival is unique in that it has a theme: Creative Career Making.  No two musicians have the same career.  Each of us carves our own career paths that continue to evolve throughout our lives.  Many things influence our careers, whether professional or amateur, such as the schools we attend, the cities we live in, the people we meet, and both good AND bad luck.  We will be offering several events as part of the Creative Career Making Workshop with the hopes that our guest clinicians will inspire each flutist and musician - professional AND amateur - to be open to fitting the pieces of the career puzzle together in a way that works for each individual.  Our festival will present both traditional and less traditional career paths and encourage musicians to think outside the box.  And we will feature a most inspiring Creative Career-Maker, Rhonda Larson.  On behalf of the Louisiana Flute Society, I cordially invite you to the 30th Anniversary Louisiana Flute Festival!  

                                                                                        -Rachel Taratoot Ciraldo

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